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Privacy policy for www.albillett.no

At AL Billett, we care about the privacy of our users. Therefore, we gather very little personal information compared to what many of our competitors do. Hopefully, you will find reading this page reassuring. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about your privacy.

This privacy policy lays out how Audun Jørstad Lillekjendlie AS gathers and makes use of personal information in provision of the service AL billett and the website www.albillett.no.

Purchasing tickets

AL Billett only gathers personal data that is necessary for delivering our service. Any contact details you provide when booking tickets for an event will be deleted from our servers no later than two months after the event has taken place. Your name and for which events you have purchased tickets may be stored for a longer period; however, you may contact us at any time if you would like us to delete this information. The event organiser has access to your full name; they may also view your e-mail address and phone number when it is in the interest of attendees’ safety or when it is necessary to inform ticket holders about event cancellations or changes. Sometimes, we require you to provide your mobile phone number in order to book tickets. In these cases, it may be used to text you a code, or the organiser may use it to limit the number of tickets one individual can purchase.

To process payments, AL Billett uses the payment service provider Stripe, and our customers’ names and payment card details are shared with them. For more information, see Stripe’s privacy policy. Your information will not be shared with other third parties, and it will, of course, never be sold or used for purposes such as marketing.


E-mail addresses and phone numbers you provide when purchasing tickets for an event are automatically deleted from our servers no later than two months after the event in question has taken place. Please contact us if you have questions or would like us to delete any of your information.


Most websites use cookies to improve user experience. Cookies are tiny files your browser receives from websites you visit and which are stored on your hard drive. We strive to keep our use of cookies at a minimum, and we use no third party analysis tools or other forms of third party cookies. The only cookies you will encounter at AL Billett are cookies we use to keep the organiser logged into the administration portal during a session.

The cookies are not used to track or gather information about you.

Contact form

If you choose to fill out and submit the contact form at www.albillett.no, you consent to your name, e-mail address and phone number are e-mailed to Audun Jørstad Lillekjendlie.